GIPS Consulting

We provide complimentary general information sessions on GIPS Compliance. This service is 100% free and only meant to promote a greater degree of adoption of GIPS in Canada.

Thinking of becoming compliant? We are happy to share our expertise, offer guidance to the appropriate on-line resources, and provide you with an extensive information package on the process of becoming GIPS compliant ALL AT NO CHARGE.

Need a consultant? We can guide you step by step through the process, provide you with the templates and feedback. Please see our fee schedule for more information.

GIPS Verification

Verification provides a firm and its existing clients and prospective clients with additional confidence in the firm’s claim of compliance with the GIPS standards.

Verification assesses whether:
a) the firm has complied with all the composite construction requirements of the GIPS standards on a firm-wide basis, and b) the firm’s policies and procedures are designed to calculate and present performance in compliance with the GIPS standards.

Our goal is to provide efficient and effective verification. We offer an all-in-one fee structure and work around your schedule to minimize the interference of the verification process with your primary business.

Performance Measurement

A frequent question asked of performance calculations is “Which method is right?” There are many calculation methods, and even more ways to calculate performance within each method. The better question to ask is “Which method is appropriate?” The real answer is dependent upon what the report is trying to show 

EVIV Group provides a broad spectrum of performance measurement services to Investment Firms and Investment Advisors including Time-Weighted Return (TWR) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) at both a portfolio and composite levels.

Performance Attestation

Firms that manage unique investments and unable to claim GIPS compliance on a firm-wide basis can request a detailed examination of the returns for a specific strategy/mandate by an independent verifier to provide assurance regarding its accuracy.

Furthermore, an evaluation can also be done of all derived measures such as, multi-period returns, risk-adjusted performance and attribution to ensure they are accurately reflecting the impact of periodic returns over time, risk, and relative performance.

OSC/Regulatory Compliance

Support CCO in routine compliance including preparation of Working Capital Calculations, reviewing personal trading statements for compliance, reviewing custodial reports, drafting quarterly reports to clients, monitoring regulatory changes and maintaining Compliance Manuals; managing corporate registrations and annual returns for Canadian provinces and territories; preparing and submitting registration applications, serve as AFR Administrator for National Registration Database.

EIR Consulting and Verification

As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, various examples of inadequate investment reporting came to light. In response, the CFA Institute published Principles Effective Investment Reporting (EIR). Their purpose is not to define or restrict every element that should be in a report but, rather, to stress that a report must contain enough information, or an indication of where such information can be obtained, that the recipient can understand the content of the report and the reasons behind the inclusion of the information in the report.

Principals Effective Investment Reporting (EIR) been adopted by over 1000 firms globally and, in combination with GIPS compliance, will give any firm an absolute business advantage.

EIR presents the EIR statements and the circumstances in which they can be used and also contains a recommendation regarding the use of a third party to provide assurance.

Operational Risk Consulting

Since operational risk is inherent in the company’s operations, it cannot be reduced to zero. At the same time, through implementation of consistent operational risk measures companies can identify and prevent or diminish a large portion of operational risks.

Our goal is to expose these hidden risks to you, assist you in development of a comprehensive operational risk defense to ultimately protect your bottom line from unexpected surprises.

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