EVIV Group is a boutique GIPS Verifier offering Economies of Scale of the largest firm combined with a client-centric detail-oriented approach.

With over 30 clients across Canada, USA and Europe managing over $50 Billion in assets, EVIV Group Inc. is now recognized as the leading GIPS Consultant & Verifier in Canada*.

Our core business is GIPS Verification and assistance in tailoring each client firm`s unique presentation and marketing needs to GIPS® Standards. We also offer ongoing support in ensuring that their marketing materials (including profiles within consultant databases) conform to CFA requirements of fair representation and full disclosure. We recently expanded our service line to offer our clients an absolute advantage in positioning their business in today’s highly competitive and highly regulated environment.

EVIV Group is the only speciality firm that offers assistance with implementation planning related to compliance with CRM2 Amendments to NI31-103 and with the actual subsequent implementation.

EVIV Group is an independent Canadian firm, not affiliated with any accounting firm or financial institution. Our commitment is to provide confidential, affordable, dedicated, customized services to each of our client firms.

*As of Dec 31, 2020